Our mission is simple: To create an environment where people and their horses can thrive.

Training programs for everyone!

A Full-Care Facility

Pride of Texas Equestrian Center is a full care training facility located in McAllen, Tx. 

We have a mix of recreational and serious competitors.  

And while we are a goals-oriented facility, our only requirement is that you come with a desire to improve your riding and strengthen the relationship with your horse. 

Everything you need to train

Whether you’re just getting started, or moving up the levels, we have all the amenities you need to hone your skills as a rider and build your confidence. Day or night. Rain or shine. 


An Encouraging Environment

Our goal is to build a really great training barn – without the stress, politics or drama. Having fun is just as much a part of the journey as winning ribbons. We’re blessed to have great people who enjoy each other’s company and support one another along this journey.

A Flexible Training Program

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just starting out, we’re passionate about helping people become better riders. Our instructors are accustomed to train kids, teens and adults alike.

Wide-Open Spaces

We are serious about horses, but we take pride in building relaxed and fun environment.